Metal and Clay Combination for an Extraordinary Jewelry Making Business

Metal and Clay Combination for an Extraordinary Jewelry Making Business

Although our prestigious VY  Domingo  Jewllers Incorporated is into gold, brass and silver jewelries, perhaps it would be a nice suggestion to make if we would venture into a new and more innovative product line which is exclusively made from metal and clay combination. For some reason, the conglomeration is somewhat a nightmare for many jewelry makers.

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Well, it is because of the metal torch which is being used as one of the many components that is currently utilized in this magnificent and fabulous fashion statement. For most jewellers, this is humbly alluded to as a Precious Metal  Clay. In its manufacturing process, a jewller does not need a torch to solder every piece of metal altogether.


How To Do

To get started with the metal and  clay combination,  some easy to find materials are needed to come up with an exquisite artwork that will definitely last for years. For best results, be sure to have the finest clay that you can ever find. It is solely because there are different types of clay that inherently possess varying temperatures of heat.

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1. Firing the Clay- You can heat up the clay with a temperature range as high as 1,600 degrees  Fahrenheit. In so doing, the clay itself will incredibly become a metal. Mostly, kilns that will have  the strongest ability to sustain the required temperature range will be exceptionally suited for your one of a kind metal clay jewelry

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Likewise, metal clay jewelries require a much lower temperature to fire. One of which, is better known as the Art Clay Silver 650. Due to this, you are required to use a torch or a hot pot. For the torch, prepare some ceramic tiles to set the clay while you are holding the torch over them to fire. Speaking of a hot pot, please don’t forget to heat it with a butane or other similar materials.

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2.  Clay Selection- This will be the next step to take, after you had determined if you are going to use any of the following in making your stupefying masterpiece. To keep you on the right track, read a book about this subject matter. It is entitled “The Metal Clay Magic”by Nana V. Mizushima.

3. Preparation of Your Metal Clay Hand Tools- Commonly, here are the basic tools that you will need for your metal clay combination jewelry.

Roller: In order to roll the clay out, you’ll need a roller. I used a piece of PVC approximately 6 inches long and about an inch in diameter.

Clear Plastic: You will want to roll your clay on a clean surface. A piece of clear vellum (available at most office supply stores) works well.

Graph Paper: Slip this under the clear plastic

4. Use some metal cards- Surprisingly, you are going to use  high quality and durable cards that should not be less than 10. These cards will be used in the clay rolling process. Place the same amount of cards on any side of the clay if you are to start with the rolling process

5. Cutter- Find a sharp-edged cutter to cut the clay in an artistic fashion. To make things much easier,  dental tools are the best alternativedental tools


6. Smoothing the Clay- In this particular process,  you need a highly-dependable  smoother for a perfect smoothing of lines and edges of the clay. A small paint brush will do.

7. Find some Miscellaneous Clay Tools-  You have to be more patient and resourceful as well to successfully find these additional tools for your metal and clay combination piece of jewelry. Here are some of them.

  • Small Jar:
  • Emery Board
  • Olive Oil:
  •  Metal Mesh:
  • Vermiculite:
  • Textured Scraps:
  • Distilled Water

For  more detailed steps on how to use these materials to make your metal and clay combination ,you can freely click this link.

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Remarkably, a metal clay combination for a stunning fashion sense will dynamically transform VY Domingo’s idea of elegance and beauty to the highest degree of perfection and quality for their customer’s inexpressible satisfaction.


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