Mood Beads Jewelries: How Do they Predict Your Emotions?

Mood Beads Jewelries: How Do they Predict Your Emotions?

The everyday challenges in our fast-paced lifestyles, are oftentimes difficult to deal with most especially when our emotional stability is so much unpredictable due to poor stress management. Yes, we all need to make the healthiest adjustments in order to achieve a kind of personality that is not only versatile in many unique ways; but most importantly an emotionally matured one. Interestingly, there are cute, adorable and affordable mood beads jewelries that might effectively help you in handling your mood swings. mood beads



These simple and yet attractive mood beads jewelries were first launched during the 1970’s circa. From the word itself, these incredible accessories have extraordinary abilities to predict our moods. Take a mood ring as a concrete example. In its notable anecdote, the fashionable jewelry was proudly invented by Marvin Wernick. His fount of inspiration in devising this kind of trinket was a friend of his who was then a doctor by profession.

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The doctor had applied a thermotropic strip on a child’s forehead, during an emergency. For some reason, it suddenly changed colors in accordance to the temperature of a  strip. From then on, Wernick laboriously worked on his phenomenal project because of his jewelry designing expertise. But, there were  other mood ring inventors who had impeccably proved their human ingenuity to the highest level. One of which, is Joshua Reynolds of Thighmaster.

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How Does a Mood Ring Work?

A stylish mood ring is composed of a hollow piece of glass that has been filled with thermotropic crystals. These will in turn reflect varying wavelengths of light based on a person’s body temperature. In other words, it changes color dramatically depending on the degree of your body temperature. For instance, if you are stressed your temperature drops. If you have a mood ring or mood beads jewelries, these will automatically change color from green to black.



Below, are the different moods and their corresponding colors. Take a look at yours and try to observe if its accuracy is truly indispensable or not.

* Brown: Anxious, nervous, fearful
* Black:
Stressed, tense or feeling harried
* Grey:
Extremely nervous or anxious, scared
* Amber:
Slightly nervous or anxious
* Green:
Neutral reading, normal, not under great stress
* Blue-green:
Emotionally charged, somewhat relaxed
* Blue:
Relaxed, At ease, calm, lovable
* Dark Blue/Purple:
Very happy, in love, passionate, romantic

On the contrary, mood beads jewelries have been significantly found to be inaccurate for several reasons. Firstly, rings are calibrated differently; though its likewise temperature based. In this regard, colors are then not universal. Second, scientific researches had found out that a human body’s  temperature is not constant in certain situations.  Just the same, here is another chart that contains other mood results that can be also applied to your elegant mood beads accessories.

Mood-Bracelet-Color-Meanings2Photo Credit:Link Here

Science defies these assertions without reservations. Therefore, these fascinating mood beads  jewelries should be subjected to  further research and development studies before making its undisputed claims that human moods can be predicted by these lustrous jewelries sans  any questionable theory.




Nevertheless, you can still flaunt your mood of feeling  like a beautiful goddess if you will allow our firm, VY Domingo Jewllers Incorporated to make your own mood bracelets or rings to excellently personify how you really feel about yourself and the environment where you belong.




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