Mozambique Ruby Takes Center Stage in the Gemstone Industry

Mozambique Ruby Takes Center Stage in the Gemstone Industry

Mozambique Ruby is the newest gemstone in today’s highly revolutionized jewelry sector because this is very much different from other gemstones though it has devastatingly suffered a major sales setback in recent years.  However, its first-ever auction was momentously held about two years ago according to world-famed jewellers and gemologists. This was held in Singapore from  June 12-17.

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Based on the latest marketing analysis and strategy of  a so-called Gemfields operations, the exportation scheme of a Mozambique Ruby  has to be done in an escalating mode or scale  to ensure that this regal gemstone will fruitfully enjoy its responsible sourcing, consistent grading and a much steadier supply.

During the historic auction of a priceless Mozambique Ruby it was able to generate a total revenue of $33.5 million. As a result, this was dubbed as the “largest ruby deposits” in the world which is proudly found in the vast territories of Montepuez, Mozambique. In lieu of its domineering marketing around the world, its exporters are into an advanced information dissemination alongside with the global and advanced information campaign.

Historical Overview

Ever since it was discovered, its primal site in  Montepuez mining sites had started to collect its rare find samples. In the same way, witness programs and the overall and comprehensive documentation of this invincible earth’s treasure started to unfold and had begun to establish a phenomenal name in the competitive world of gemology. Through the years, its dynamic evolution became unstoppable.

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To expound, GIA researchers Tao Hsu, Vincent Pardieu, and Andrew Lucas, visited the Montepuez ruby deposit. From there, their team had discovered the remarkable metamorphosis of the awesome Mozambique Ruby deposit. Therefore, the impeccable gemstone is being ascribed as it is going to hit the pinnacle of success in terms of market viability to millions of  jewelry lovers regardless of economic stature and gender orientations.

Currently,  the Montepuez Ruby Mining company (MRM) launches  its bulk sampling of Mozambique Rubies.  This is uniquely integrated with the extraction of a huge and mineralized kind of rock from tiny pits. Hence, for its resource estimation purposes  a mineral processing test is deemed necessary.



Now, the shimmering Ruby Mozambique is splendidly inching its way to magnificently achieve a special and an unspeakable epitome of beauty and exquisiteness that only VY Domingo Jewellers Incorporated can tenderly provide without strings attached.


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