Necklace Notifies Patients to Take Meds on Time

Necklace Notifies Patients to Take Meds on Time

Innovations can always make you in the pink of health.  Sharon Brangman, a medical practitioner of geriatrics medicine is a heaven scent genius for patients who seem to be forgetful because of their age related age problems. She discovered a especially designed necklace that amazingly alerts users to take their medications on time. This highly-sophisticated gadget was developed by the remarkable engineers from Georgia Institute of Technology. As an overview, the tremendous jewelry is a sensor-operated gadget which is uniquely called as MagneTrace.



The sensors of this necklace are embedded in the pills for easy detection if these meds are ingested. Unbelievably, the sensors pass through the digestive system of a given patient. How does it work? Read on.

The Work Plan 

When a person takes the pill at the exact time, the sensor immediately sends a signal to a smartphone that will notify a patient instantly. But, if it is being ignored by the patient for some reason the phone will contact your attending physician. Accordingly, its developers have this to say

“It will have an immense effect on the health care system if a system like this one helps patients comply with their medication,” said Maysam Ghovanloo, the developer and assistant professor at Georgia Tech’s School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Pharmacy experts estimate that the problem costs the health care system at least $100 billion annually in expenses such as hospital visits, surgeries and new prescriptions”.



The necklace is set to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration and is to be marketed for general use. But, this is not a cure-all scientific innovation.  On the contrary, doctors are strongly discouraging the utilization of these hazardous components in pills.

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