The Ostentatious Glamour of Ocean Necklaces

The Ostentatious Glamour of Ocean Necklaces

Mother Nature’s beauty and grandeur are endlessly depicted in the newest roster of ocean necklaces with various designs and themes that made every jeweller even more world-renowned than ever before. These are mostly made from sterling silver with a 92.5 grade and are beautifully made by artistic hands.


Apart from these, there are also crab jewelries made of lavish silver materials with a  blue-colored opal inlay. These have hooks that surely secure your jewelry pieces into place. If you want to possess these precious ocean necklaces, it is highly recommended to customize them by reputable jewellers like VY Domingo Jewellers Incorporated 


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Of  all these simple to elegant ocean necklaces, there is a glaring and eye-catching Princess Charlene Bridal necklace which had been grandiosely fashioned by Van Cleef & Arpels for the goddess-like beauty of  Princess Charlene of Monaco.  This is one of the most expensive gifts from her beloved husband Prince Albert. Uniquely, this captivating piece of adornment is made from rare sapphires and diamonds called Ocean due to reflect Charlene’s undying love and inexpressible admiration for crystal clear waters.

prioncess charlene

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Her splendid ocean necklace is comprised of 88 diamonds which are round in shape. Carat wise, it has 44 carats and ten other pear-shaped diamonds. See below image.

Princess Charlene wears the Ocean necklace at the Monaco Red Cross Ball

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As far as the superb craftsmanship of these unmatched ocean necklaces are concerned, its artisans had made it certain that these stones are being placed intricately to ensure that these decorations will last for a lifetime.

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