Pawning Your Jewelries: The Easiest Steps to Get the Best Appraisal

Pawning Your Jewelries: The Easiest Steps to Get the Best Appraisal

Emergency situations are inevitable. In those trying times, pawning your jewelries is your last resort to survive. But, the next question  that  you must ask  yourself  is how should you do it? Based on the business  trends of American-based pawnshops, these are commonly referred to as short loans.

To avail of  the of the  best deals, you  should be able to determine your purpose. Why are you getting a loan in the first place. Nevertheless a pawnshop will provide you the best appraisal to  your advantage. Ideally, an owner will pay an approximate of 10-20 percent of its total value.


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Next, you  have to know the terms and conditions when pawning your jewelries. Your pawned items  get more expensive if you do not pay the monthly interest. In the same  way, interests  rates vary from state to state. As a pawnshop policy, it holds your jewelries for 90 days.


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Seldom does a seller shop around and negotiate, when pawning jewelries. You must do some online searching for additional information for you to check and compare their respective values.  Go to some jewelry stores and antique shops depending on the articles  that you want to pawn. Secure their estimated value approximations. After which, go to a pawnshop of  your choice and show the document.

In doing so, pawnshops will haggle to get your nod. From there, you are up to your own benefit and advantage.


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A seller must learn how to offer quality items or jewelries such as those priceless and high quality jewelries by VY Domingo Jewellers Incorporated in the Philippines. Therefore, you can expect a fair and a much higher appraisal value.


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Create a good story for pawning your jewelries. This goes without saying that if your items have unique historical or sentimental values, you will have a much bigger chance of getting a huge part of the loan.



Pawning jewelries is a step-by-process that is not easy to do, most especially if you want to get the best out of  your VY Domingo jewelries.

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