Pearls: The Ultimate Best Friend of Iconic Women

Pearls: The Ultimate Best Friend of Iconic Women

Diamonds are women’s best friends for thousands of years. But, some jewellers have another exceptional alternative for this most expensive gemstone in the world. These are pearls, which are beautifully embraced by solitaire rings and were sold for 30,000 Euros in auctions today.

Characteristically, these have  a virginal attribute that is best suited for an 18-year old debutante. These gemstones are being preferred by many because of their rich history, mystique and charm above anything else.


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Moreover, pearls are closely associated with the season. Did you know that if you want to attract good fortune you must have these precious treasures that abound in beauty and wisdom? For those single people out there, wear a pearl ring or necklace so that you can finally find the man of your dreams.


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During the ancient times, these splendid  pearls have  been significantly pertained to respectability as evidently shown by the former Prime Minister of Britain, Margaret Thatcher. Even US First Lady Michelle Obama is smitten by the awesome beauty and splendor of a pearl.


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These jewelries are overflowing with sophistication. To date, Princess Diana dearly owned a multi-strand pearl choker with huge sapphire clasp worn above a decolletée black dress.


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Sultry sirens and goddesses are in the same way captivated by pearls. These are symbolic of  their immortal sexual appeal. Women like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor are classic examples.


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Turning back the hands of time, pearls had been a part of the Romans’ passion for jewelries. Simply, these had distinctively denoted  their endless quest for authority. Roman women wore them to let everyone know that they gave paramount importance to chastity and purity.


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Lastly, members of royalty wear them to exude an iconic effect. For instance, a queen was seldom seen without them. Today, the Queen of Cambridge is head over heels in love with pearls without question. Needless to say, these had indeed  overturned the table of how elegance had mystically evolved all these years.

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