The Perfect and Elegant Chemistry of Jewelry and Hair Color

The Perfect and Elegant Chemistry of Jewelry and Hair Color

Beauty is more expressive and meaningful if it is perfectly matched with your awesome jewelry and hair color. Although these do not click together, fashion experts have unleashed their creativity to make the best of both worlds in the glaring industry of fashion.

Accordingly, these beauty enhancers have equally shared the special areas or contours of one’s face. Far and beyond, the core of it all is the fact that they must jive together for you to become a phenomenal fashion icon day in and day out.

blonde hair

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For a  blonde-colored hair, its fashion possibilities are endless. Jewelry and hair color are both the insignia of versatility and perfection and these should not be too imposing to reflect the real beauty in you. Blue hued gemstones like topaz and sapphires look breathtaking among blonde hairs too. These act as subtle contrasts against the lightness of locks. On the contrary, if you  are feeling bold and daring orange gemstones are most likely recommended for you. red dress and jewlry compliment

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Red-colored hair perfectly goes with neutrals. To contrast the heat of the sun, the jewelry colors must be muted or earth toned. Neutral colors provide a shining factor for your kind of  beauty. Suggestively, dark greens, yellows and deep blue are the exceptional samples of jewelry ornaments that must be worn with an oozing self-confidence that simply defined the other side of you.

Brunette hairs should wear  those ravishing gemstones with a touch of purple. Likewise, we should never forget those deep reds. In essence, these colors tend to highlight the natural undertones in a  brownhair more than anything else.

brunette with jewlries

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Black hair is best appreciated if it is complemented with those jewelries which are bold and bright. These might include any of the following: Deep pinks,  light blue and dark greens to name a few.



Jewelry and hair color personify your unlimited sense of creativity that will never fade just like your splendid beauty and glamour most especially if these jewelries are from the bosom of VY Domingo Jewellers Incorporated.

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