Platinum Jewelry Eye Implant is the Newest Symbol of Fashion and Uniqueness

Platinum Jewelry Eye Implant is the Newest Symbol of Fashion and Uniqueness

An affluent New Yorker dares to become different among all people in the planet, when she finally decided to undergo a very unusual and critical surgery of a platinum jewelry eye implant for $3,000. Lucy Luckayanko had consulted a doctor who goes by the name of Dr. Emil Chynn at Park Avenue Laser Vision to avail of this latest medical breakthrough that can be considered as global history’s first of all time.

Her adorable and heart-shaped eye-sequin measures about 3.5 mm, which has been beautifully set  on the white-colored pigment of her right eyeball.

platinum jewlry eye implant

According to Dr. Chynn, a Harvard trained medical practitioner the platinum jewelry eye implant has become a fashion fad in Europe and  Los Angeles which resulted to its iconic predominance in the Big Apple.

The Holistic Medical Procedure Revealed

platinum jewelry eye implant entails the initial procedure of injecting anesthesia in the eye of a patient, most particularly in the numb area of the said body part. After which, an incision will be made to pave the way for a platinum jewelry to be permanently implanted. To continue, he said.

I’m going to take scissors and make a little incision and try to divide a pocket in between the sclera – the white part of your eye – and conjunctiva clear part of your eye,’ he explained.

jewelry implant



Using forceps he positioned the tiny flat stud into position on Ms Luckayanko’s eye membrane. She wanted it set pointing diagonally. After a few minutes, the tenacious was handed out a mirror to finally take a glimpse of her new and ravishing look.

How Did a Platinum Jewelry Implant Began?

The amazing platinum jewelry eye implant was discovered by a  Dutch eye surgeon and it was momentously introduced in 2004. Descriptively, it has been ascribed as “safe”.  Furthermore, the genius Harvard doctor said.

It’s a very thin piece of platinum that’s designed for insertion on the top of the eye, it’s not in the eye so there’s no risk of blindness or anything at all.”

‘She could have a little bit of local bleeding. That could go away in a couple days or couple weeks. She could have an infection but we’ll prevent that with antibiotics.’

eye implant platinum

On the other hand, the controversial platinum jewelry eye implant is not an FDA approved procedure. Similarly, the American Association of Ophthalmology has issued warnings about the detrimental side effects of this  very rare  eye implant.

Adverse Effects

In the long run, a platinum eye implant could cause glaucoma. This was based on the comprehensive scientific studies and medical findings of Wayne Bizer, D.O, a professional ophthalmologist from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Additionally, the implant could possibly bring about the proliferation of bacteria that can go deeper into the patient’s conjunctiva. Consequently, it could lead to a more serious eye infection that can trigger a more lethal eye infection.

jewelry eye implant


Medical science is in a hot seat once again due to the catapulting popularity of the flashy and glittering platinum jewelry eye implant. But, the fight for fashion and aesthetic supremacy remains to be far from over. Let us all wait and see.

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