Radiant Cut Diamonds: The Best Choice of Every Fashionista

Radiant Cut Diamonds: The Best Choice of Every Fashionista

Diamonds are undoubtedly dubbed as the best choices for those sparkling engagement rings. But, every fashionista should take note that the wisest choice for these lasting promises of love are radiant cut diamonds. These have unique features such as the square or rectangular modified brilliant cut. These diamonds which are exclusively made of 70 facets and trimmed edges that are distinctive and elegant..

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Generally, radiant cut diamonds possess versatile designs. The main characteristics that denote these interesting attributes are brilliance and the depth of their roundness. Moreover, diamond and jewelry experts have said time and again that these diamonds exude the following:

Because of its extra facets, the Radiant cut can disperse more light through the stone making it one of the most brilliant of all square- and rectangular-shaped stones. It also hides inclusions more efficiently than other shapes. As it is a hybrid cut combining the features of both brilliant and step-cuts, the Radiant is the ideal compromise and the perfect solution for someone who wants to “have it all.””

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The first radiant cut diamonds have been designed by Henry Grossbard of the Radiant Cut Diamond Company (RCDC) in 1977. He made use of hybrid cutting style that revolutionised the industry’s perceptions towards square or rectangular stones as he managed to create a step-cut diamond that possessed equal brilliance to triangular-faceted diamonds such as the oval and pear.

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Similarly, radiant cut diamonds were the first ones to have brilliant-facet pattern applied to both the crown & pavilion. RCDC launched the Original Radiant Cut diamond brand in 2002.

Engagements rings are indeed expensive. Nevertheless, radiant cut diamonds never leave the wildest imaginations of an iconic fashionista.

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