Record-Breaking Jewelries: The Ostentatious Side of Fashion

Record-Breaking Jewelries: The Ostentatious Side of Fashion

Hollywood celebrities, famous political figures and the elite members of society are well-known for their pricey, boid and record-breaking jewelries that have made them even more notable through the years. They usually wear drooling adornments like splendid glass jewelries and diamond studded rings that cost millions of dollars. But, what exactly are these priceless treasures in a much broader context? The subsequent sections will tell us more. elizabeth-taylor-jewelry-auction-christies


Record-breaking jewelries are characterized with huge stone settings like a human fist. Likewise, these have varying categories with  astronomical price tags and most of these are proudly comprised of diamond jewelries.

To date, if your jewelry collections have the biggest and  roughest diamonds in the world you are truly blessed and lucky to own them because these are Cullinan diamonds with is 3,106 in carat value.


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These types of diamonds for record-breaking jewelries were mysteriously found in 1905 at the Premier Mine in South Africa by a legendary individual whose name is  Frederick Wells. In all sincerity, he humbly offered them to a renowned  owner of a prominent mining company whose name is Sir Thomas Cullinan.




Over the years, the much talked about diamond in record breaking jewlries was wholeheartedly entrusted to the primal leader of the Amsterdam’s Asscher Diamond Company to exclusively take charge of the diamond’s meticulous cutting and polishing processes.



The vast and expensive collections of Cullinan diamonds are astonishingly highlighted with 9 big stones and at least 100 million of small stones respectively. Meanwhile, there is another  regal jewelry that once held a world record as the most number of diamonds set in a single ring.  This unmatched historic feat in jewelry making deservingly went to India’s Savio Jewelry.



The mesmerizing Peacock Ring has  3,827 diamonds and it is priced at £1,800,000. It beat the previous records of all its contemporaries in global history of record-breaking jewelries of all time.


Apart from the above mentioned trinkets the most expensive jewelry piece that had been sold in an auction is no other than but Oppenheimer Blue Diamond Ring. This was publicly sold by Christie’s Geneva at staggering $57.7 million. According to reliable sources this whooping jewelry is the biggest fancy vivid blue diamond ever sold in an auction.



Record-breaking jewelries are the lasting insignias of eternal beauty and elegance that immortalize the most significant essence of fashion even if it has a high price to pay.


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