Ring Morphology: The Dynamic and Bold Evolution of Fashion

Ring Morphology: The Dynamic and Bold Evolution of Fashion

Since I was still in my teenage years, those eye-catching and elegant rings had become the object of my wildest dreams and fantasies though there were no rational reasons behind my head over heels romantic rendezvous with these captivating jewelries. Consequently,  I have decided to write something about the interesting world of ring morphology. 

The term itself simply refers to the different jargon that are commonly used in various ring designs no matter what its type is. Initially, there’s the ring’s head which is comprised of varying designs alongside with its corresponding elements.



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It is where the center setting of this incredible trinket is situated.  A collet pertains to the circular rim wherein the middle stone is beautifully laid. There are different types of head and its settings that very well include the following: Tulip, basket, buttercup, the V-shape claw and the no rail setting.


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The basket setting of  a ring morphology  is the wisest choice for large diamonds and for sapphires,  emeralds and amethysts. Meanwhile, if a wearer would like to settle for a buttercup setting for an engagement, the claws form fashionable curves over the side of a stone to give your ring a natural and distinctive appearance.


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Similarly, the V-shaped claw setting in the complex arena of ring morphology is best suited for angular diamonds like the marquise cuts.


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Speaking of a no rail setting, this is the traditional claw setting without any rail or whatsoever. Take a look at the image below as its distinct sample.


Photo Credit: iainhenderson.co.uk

There are other intellectually-stimulating terminologies about ring morphology that you ought to know to become a well-rounded jewelry fashionista in your own right. Some of these are as follows: The side stones and your unique ring band. To define, a band is the underneath part of the ring that wraps around a finger. This part is adjustable depending on the actual size of your finger. MSST-mokume-solitaire-straight-straight-head-engagement-ring-deep-orange-dmd-diamond-channel-eternity-bands-pv

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Have you ever wondered why does a ring has claws? Well, jewelry designers and experts have said that these parts are not just for aesthetic purposes but they hold  the precious stones of your ring in place. Remarkably, it filters additional light to your expensive ring to add more beauty and exquisiteness.


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This brief prelude on ring morphology only proves that every part  of  any ring is of paramount importance to ensure that your jewelry is truly beyond beauty at its best.


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