Sculpture-Like Jewelry Aids an Auditory- Impaired Artist to be an Iconic Inventor

Sculpture-Like Jewelry Aids an Auditory- Impaired Artist to be an Iconic Inventor

Rea Rossi, an auditory-impaired artist has constantly alluded sounds as tricky and elusive in its strictest sense that are wrangled with various therapeutic approaches,  prolific hearing aids and extreme concentration. Consequently, she came up with a bright idea on how to capture them as clearly as possible as if everything is normal as far as she is concerned. Her finest invention is simply referred to as a sculpture-like jewelry that is especially meant to innovatively represent sound waves which are being created by a computer-assisted design program alongside with a  3D mechanism that are  distinctively printed in a nylon. Hence, the astonishing end result is no other than but the gyrating spectrum between jewelry and sculpture respectively.

sculptuire jwelry


Rossi vividly recalled

“I started to think about how my hearing loss has influenced my life,”  “I created this visual of the overlapping noise and chaotic environment you can find yourself in. It fits on the body the same way that I have to put hearing aids on my body to be able to amplify the sounds that are around me and understand them.”

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The indescribable and exquisite sinuous forms were proudly put on display at the  Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show. This is an exhibition which has a jury-like composition that showcases phenomenal artists which were around 200. Rossi says that she was born along the mainstream because her  disability has set her apart from the world. From there, she had immersed herself in the so-called deaf culture. For her, this is some sort of a culture shock. But, this had given her a sense of self-confidence in the long  run.Rea_Pulsation


Due to her impairment, she had struggled to learn sign language to help her get through with her physical ordeal. From then on, she became fluent in her own right.  Accordingly, the ultimate mastery of repetition became her thrust in achieving a very successful feat. She further stressed the paramount importance of mouth shapes and body language for the sake of lip reading  which serves as the foundation of an incomparable sculpture-like jewelry. 

Among her exclusive lines of sculpture-made jewelries are as follows: small earrings and gauges, starting at around $100. Truly, God will lovingly bless each one of us with awesome talents to  make us realize that any kind of disability is not a liability. Instead, this  is an asset that can change our lives for the better.


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