Seed Chic Jewels: The Exquisite Fragrance of Fashion

Seed Chic Jewels: The Exquisite Fragrance of Fashion

Have you ever imagined that seed pods could be beautifully transformed into extravagant seed chic jewels? Actually, these have already won the hearts of many in a designer’s gallery of the Philadelphia Flowers Show.  These splendid jewelries have luscious berries that look like pearls and their durable clasps appear to be like wonderful vines. Essentially, these fabulous works of art are not just distinctive byproducts of  creativity but these are judged according to their close resemblance to the REAL THING.


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Though these were purely Hollywood inspired, their glitter does not fade. Among the most sought after displays of the phenomenal seed chic jewelries are as follows: Carmen Miranda head wear, sci-fi tiaras, statement bracelets, and necklaces inspired by Elizabeth Taylor’s jewels– or, to be specific, “an interpretation of a necklace Richard Burton might have given to Elizabeth Taylor.


Try to vividly visualize the exact replica of a mesmerizing seed pod jewelry with the timeless La Peregrina Pearl necklace that was lovingly given by Richard Burton to his ladylove Liz Taylor. This was sold in an auction years ago for $12,000,000.00.


Unbelievably, these alluring seed pod jewelries were laboriously made by talented artists with no comprehensive background in jewelry designing. Nevertheless, the world was stunned when those splendid hair accessories bagged the first place in the said prestigious contest. The amazing design concept was taken from a box office sci-fi fantasy film. It was a tiara that was inspired by a known character in the movie “Lord of the Rings”.


Remarkably, a 60-hour made cuff bracelet that belonged to the arm candy category  caught my attention. This was excellently crafted by the humble hands of Mimi Favre. She is a certified botanical illustrator by profession for almost 15 years.


In essence, these seed chic jewels have exuded the immeasurable advantages of human creativity which eternally perpetuated the real meaning of glamour, simplicity and symbolism.

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