Silver Detection Tips: How Should You Do It?

Silver Detection Tips: How Should You Do It?

Silver-made jewelries are more preferred by modern  fashionistas these days as compared to gold or platinum  crafted  trinkets. If you are a  certified silver aficionado, let this informative blog about silver detection tips teach  you on how to determine genuine silver accessories by doing these simple tests at the comforts  of your  own home. When purchasing, be sure to look for the stamp or hologram which reads as 92.5 or 99.99. If it does not bear a stamp; then, its authenticity is somewhat questionable.

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Use a magnifying glass to accurately verify those well-engraved stamps, as part of the simplest ways on how to get by the various silver detection tips proven by jewelry experts across the globe. These intricate holograms have varying  values  such as 92.5,  800  or 900. What do these numerals stand for? Simply, the gauge of  authentication denotes the percentage of silver in a given  piece of jewelry.

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To  test a silver  jewelry, use a high quality and rare magnet which contains neodymium. Silver is inherently endowed with a paramagnetic  ability. Here’s the tip. If your accessory is strongly  attracted to  the magnet, it is not  made of  pure silver. Likewise, employ the sliding test.  Rotate your silver jewelry at an approximate angle of 45 degrees. Slide the magnet downwards. If there seems to be a breaking effect, Then, you have to think twice of what you had bought.

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One of the amazing silver detection tips is the coin tapping method. It involves the use of an old American quarter which had been made prior to 1965.  To explain, it was exclusively fashioned from genuine silver material. As a result, it resonates a  high pitched tone. Lastly, conduct a chemical analysis test on your silver pieces. Use a corrosive metal to do  the process.  Protect yourself with gloves before you do test. If the silver  jewelry fades, it is  not real.Photo Credit:

These silver detection tips aim to ensure that  you are going to get what you deserve for your hard earned money.


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