Splendid Cartier Pendant: The East Meets West Conduit of Fashion

Splendid Cartier Pendant: The East Meets West Conduit of Fashion

The newest breed of style and elegance captivates everyone with a rare Cartier pendant. Prior to the launching of this priceless fashion statement, a panther was the remarkable insignia of all those famous jewelry collections of this world-famed brand.


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Since the early years of 1900’s,  Louis Cartier had traveled around the world from India and as far as the vast territorial boundaries of the Far East to come up with a historical combination of Art Deco and the endearing motifs of Asia. According to Cartier’s chief designer, Jeanne Toussaint the simple and mesmerizing pendant expresses the East meets West influence that mainly features a dangling necklace that is composed of attractive stones which are truly extraordinary. For Cecil Beaton, this expensive pendant can be likened to a rosary.


The image below is only one of the most sought after Cartier pendants that  vividly depict the charming persona of an enchanting wearer. Going back, the high-priced pendant is impeccably highlighted with an old chain adorned with black lacquer chevrons and diamonds cradles an Ethiopian white opal of nearly 16 carats, from which a rare green sapphire leads to the pendant’s decadent drop — a honeycomb of gold and jewels punctuated by a pear-shaped imperial topaz.

Needless to say, this pricey Cartier  pendant exudes a mysterious kind of  beauty that every woman failed to discover due to its spellbinding beauty inside out.

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