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November 2017

The Phenomenal Elegance of Butterfly Jewelries

The different and captivating jewelry designs are timeless  expressions of artistry, creativity and elegance. Cute and stylish butterfly jewelries are now making  waves in the fascinating world of glamorous  jewelries because these lovely creatures represent beauty and happiness while these  also emanate life and movement to various artistic creations. Likewise, butterflies are unselfishly offering unconditional comfort to creative and soul-searching souls. Photo Credit:https://i.ytimg.com/vi/mUD4Hoa4Cj0/hqdefault.jpg These riveting butterfly jewelries have proudly stood the test of time through the years. Butterfly-themed depictions had been in existence since the ancient [...]

Ms. Fiolette Y. Domingo V.Y. Domingo Jewellers Incorporated President/CEO