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October 2017

Chinese Gems and Regal Jewelries Craftsmanhip

The gleaming and splendid Chinese gems have become more popular among middle-class families, who are spending so much on luxuries like these. In fact, China is currently dubbed as the “largest consumer of platinum jewelries across the globe, second to India. Characteristically, these remarkable gemstones are closely associated with the mystifying Feng Shui principles and tenets. Based on Chinese geomancy, colored gemstones have dynamic and powerful attributes to attract, repel or conduct energy  to improve your life. Photo Credit: https://img0.etsystatic.com/120/0/9978412/il_570xN.881937158_ia72.jpg Some Chinese gems are naturally organic [...]

Ms. Fiolette Y. Domingo V.Y. Domingo Jewellers Incorporated President/CEO