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October 2017

Why Should You Select a Gleaming Diamond Ring for Your Altar Date?

A woman’s altar date is the much awaited moment in her life. So. it has to be complemented with gleaming diamonds. These are best described as vogue fashion statements which are unique and trendy sans the traditional shapes and designs. Radiant diamonds dearly represent the essence of its name in terms of its beyond compare splendidness  and beauty. The spellbinding glamour of these gemstones denote the aforementioned characteristic through their remarkable clarity and  intricate designs like Emerald cuts. Photo Credit: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/a2/59/72/a25972df201e8c09272ac1ff5cb32c7c–emerald-cut-rings-emerald-cut-engagement-rings.jpg The most wanted gleaming [...]

Ms. Fiolette Y. Domingo V.Y. Domingo Jewellers Incorporated President/CEO