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December 2017

Easy Does It Polishing Tips for Platinum Jewelries

Platinum-made accessories are known as “Little Silver” Some of its prominent characteristics are as follows: High density, malleability, ductility and resistance to corrosion. Did you know that platinum can strongly resist their wear and tear capabilities like tarnishing most especially if these time-tested polishing tips for platinum jewelries will be followed to the letter. In cleaning a platinum-crafted trinket, use a file and do the process in diagonal movements. Photo Credit: http://www.newjewelrytrends.com/wp-content/uploads/wedding-platinum-jewelry.jpg Afterwards, file these once more in a perpendicular direction. Once the filing [...]

May 2016

North America’s Jewelry Industry Flourishes Anew

The jewelry industry in North America is on an upswing once again, most particularly for the very rare platinum jewelry which is  being sold globally. This welcoming development came after the sale of the said jewelries had suddenly slumped in the last six years. Thus, it had also suffered the same fate after its demand had gone to its lowest for almost two years. Photo Credit:reuters.com The major sales setback of the previously competitive jewelry industry in the North American territory was due to China’s [...]

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