Techie Jewelries: The Innovative Evolution of Fashion

Techie Jewelries: The Innovative Evolution of Fashion

Jewelries are fashionable. But, these have innovatively transcended to extraordinary hypes  and levels right after techie jewelries suddenly stole the fashion scene by storm. Indeed, the 21st century embarks on new fashion statements that are awesome to wear because of their stylish designs while providing you with numerous benefits for your personal productivity and safety 24/7. Likewise, their metal compositions have been creatively modified to strongly bolster the tagline, “Elegance is innovation”.



What would you do if somebody tells you that there’s a totally unique bracelet that lights up in the night to guide your path wherever you go to keep you safe all the time?  Uniquely, this is named as Elemoon bracelet. This is artistically crafted from genuine polymer with a silver or gold lining which depends on your personal preference.


Moreover, this is equipped  with an LED display to make it more stunning. Most importantly, if  you take a photo of your wardrobe the LED will suddenly light up to creatively match the color of your outfit. Similarly, if you decide to connect this to a smartphone with Bluetooth capability the amazing bracelet will notify you with your important calls, e-mails and SMS.



Meet Ringly, the fantastic jewelry that is too perfect for all those people who are always on the go and sometimes tend to forget their appointments for some reason. This fashionable and enchanting ring has five different vibration patterns to immediately remind you of your events, text messages and phone calls. How? Simply download a particular app, customize it and create diverse vibrations according to how you categorize people in your fast-paced life.


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Lastly, the elegant Momento Pearl is a beautiful necklace that has  been gladly included in the roster of techie jewelries. This is characterized as a hand carved  pearl that is attractively set in 14k, white or yellow gold. This is the dream jewelry of a famous jewelry whose name is Chi Huynh.



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Remarkably, the tiny jewelry can keep your most memorable photos and videos, voice recordings and text messages. Plus, you can transfer vital information to and from your dependable smartphone just by gently tapping the pearl and everything will be done in seconds.

Techie jewelries are your best buddies that will never let you down no matter what you do 24/7.

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