The Exquisite Craftsmanship of Indian Jewelry

The Exquisite Craftsmanship of Indian Jewelry

It is very rare to see and hear about the fascinating world of Indian jewelry. Over the years, it has become a  prominent integral that signifies status symbols, cultural beliefs and the likes. These have different and engaging styles and designs that you can  freely choose from. It has a rich history as well as an underlying decadence which have the greatest influences on its overall persona and physique.


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Hence, their enamored styles depend on a given country or region. Gold is an essential asset of the Indian culture. This is one of the most important componenst in jewelry making. What are the different styles of these mesmerizing jewelries? Here are some of them.

  • Filigree- This is exquisitely done by carefully twisting the delicate metal into a detailed design or pattern. This the most liked style of all jewelry designs  because of its fragile appearance.



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What is a Kundan type of Indian jewelry? It emanated from the Mughal Empire. It is  is commonly made from gold and silver with precious stones. More so, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds are their most common jewelry settings. Take a look at these classic example below.


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Characteristically, these are layered jewelries with precious stones, metals together with the most laborious and sophisticated types of craftsmanship and artistry.  Based on documented accounts, these rare and most cherished accessories and treasures are flawlessly modified based on the principles of ruling empires during those days.



Going back, the Mughal Empire is very keen on the following aspects involved in  jewelry making of Indian jewellers. These are: Gemstones and an artisan’s delicate carvings which became more evident during the reign of the powerful Rajput Empire.



Ultimately, the  inexpressible perfection of  Indian jewelry fosters a driving force to lovingly preserve the simplicity of these cultural treasures that highly regard and exhibit the bewitching meaning of real beauty and purity of the human spirit.

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