The Gleaming Jade Gemstone as an Amulet

The Gleaming Jade Gemstone as an Amulet

The shimmering jade gemstone is notably recognized because of its spiritual significance. For thousands of years, the Chinese had revered it as an amulet. Did you know that this stone was named after a bird? Kingfisher is its name. This adorable stone comes in different varieties.- green, white, light green, light pink, red, yellow and black. Photo Credit:

Further, the most endearing feature of a jade gemstone is no other than its semi-transparency quality. Also, it has a high appraisal value to the gemstone’s rarity. To date, an authentic jade costs 100,000 Hong Kong dollars. Despite of this, jade remains to be one of the most sought after gemstones since the beginning of time. 

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Why should you wear any jewelry with a jade gemstone? Well, here the many reasons  why that you ought to know:

  • It inherently carries a sweet and powerful energy that promotes healing for those who wear it.
  • Symbolizes purity.
  • It is best characterized as the encompassing epitome of love and acceptance.
  • In Feng Shui,  this is closely integrated with balance and harmony.
  • Enhances the flow of energy that attracts good fortune.


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For the purpose of Feng Shui, a splendid jade gemstone must be placed in those areas of your house that governed by the earth element. Ideally, choosing this type of gemstone must be in accordance to your personality. For instance, if you desire to enhance your lovelife, buy Mandarin ducks which have been elegantly crafted in jade.

To wrap up, a magnificent jade gemstone brings life to our homes and personality to create something extraordinary that could change anything unexpectedly.

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