The Intriguing Sophistication of a Maori Jade Jewelry

The Intriguing Sophistication of a Maori Jade Jewelry

Jewelries have different types based on their history and culture embodiments. The regal and priceless Maori jade jewelry which is commonly  referred to as  pounamu and tangiwai were used for  weapons  and ornaments. A pounamu denotes a nephrite jade, which is categorically classified based on their physical appearance. Some of these are the following: Pearly white and  grayish-green. The  reel types were worn as exquisite necklaces and these  are made from stones or bones. Hence, the  rarest ones are alluded to as kahurangi pounamu, which has a high level of translucency and a vivid green color. Likewise, white teeth ans even carved replicas were closely associated  with the Maorist

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Meanwhile, a pounamu Maori jade jewelry has been dearly appreciated by the ancient people  due to its incredible  strength and durability In effect, a famous jeweller made this impressive  remark.

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“Let the gold be worked by the white men. It was not a thing known to our ancestors. a famous person made an interesting remark.My only treasure is the pounamu“. The greenstone was so treasured that its sources caused conflict between Maori tribes.

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These classy carved pendants under the Maori jade jewelry collections are available in different designs like fish hooks which bring good luck and  prosperity. For travellers, these are highly recommended as well.  Similarly, its whales and dolphin designs are believed to provide personal protection from evil spirits. But, the most important Maori jade of all is the Tiki accessory. This is a beautiful and versatile adornment for both men and women. To describe, its design impressively adopts a human figure According to legends, this could be a  human embryo to promote a much safer childbirth.

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The emergence of a Maori jade jewelry vividly illustrates how New Zealand has tremendously evolved into an A1 fashion icon that genially engraves her astonishing arts and culture within  the bounds of beauty, prestige  and elegance

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