The Magical Charm of an Expandable Bracelet

The Magical Charm of an Expandable Bracelet

A sophisticated look adds versatility to your entire personality. This goes without saying that it is indeed the name of the game. An expandable bracelet will surely leave you breathless from the moment you have a glimpse of it or  simply owning it for the rest of your life.  When bracelets were first sold in global markets during the circa of 1800’s, these were especially meant for babies and young girls. Over the years, there several companies that gladly joined the bandwagon of this stylish and adorable fad in fashion.


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Historically, the awesome and creatively fashioned expandable bracelet was used as a keepsake for loved ones. Due to their skyrocketing popularity, this fashionable ornament had been christened with another endearing and romantic name.- Sweetheart bracelet. World War II soldiers had worn this jewelry in times of battle. As far as its materials were concerned, it  was made from gold-plated ones. Some were vintage and antique ones.


For a timeless sweetheart expandable bracelet, you ought to know more about the manufacturer and their number of years in the business. Have you ever wondered that there is a globally renowned manufacturer who has been around to compete and remarkably prove that they rightfully deserve the nobility and social prestige that they had earned all these years? This is no other than but 
McRae & Keeler manufactured their sweetheart bracelets under the “American Queen” brand name. 


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But, they had unanimously decided to change their company name to Pittman & Keeler. When the Second World War broke out, a sweetheart expandable bracelet was beautifully paired with a revealing necklace that was embellished with a heart pearl  locket to complete its mesmerizing beauty and elegance.  Likewise, numerous British firms had joined this catalytic fashion mainstream after the end of World War II.  Saunders and Shepherd patented a self-closing bracelet in 1889. These expandable bracelets were “made on the trellis principle”.


As for its estimated price, an antique sweetheart  expandable bracelet ranges from $30 to $100 depending on the type of bracelet that you want to purchase.

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