The Peculiar Symbolisms of Wearing Your Rings

The Peculiar Symbolisms of Wearing Your Rings

Jewelries denote unique symbolisms that are too noticeable  and expressive at the same time. Aside from beautifully defining your sophisticated fashion sense, its inherent peculiarities say so much about your personality and your psychological being which is logically distinct from one person to another. The peculiar symbolisms of  wearing your rings exude a different kind of fashion statement that makes you a standout among the rest.ring wearing style 1


Married men or women can send an echoing message that they are no longer available to have a romantic relationship with somebody else except their  significant other.

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Generally, the peculiar symbolisms of how a wearer should carry his or her ring lovingly around a hand do not  really matter  regardless of  whether or not if a person has it   around a right or left hand.

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The pinky finger reflects a non-interfering style and advantage in wearing your ring. Hence, its main benefit is that it beautifully isolates your personalized ring from VY Domingo Jewellers Incorporated. As a result, this makes an awesome fashion statement whether you like it or not.

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In the same way, it is ascribed as the busiest or the flashiest peculiar symbolisms of all your fingers that you want to strikingly flaunt wherever you go.

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Mysteriously, those people who are fond of  palmistry and astrology associate an individual’s little finger  with intelligence and persuasion characteristics. It dearly  represents  Mercury. On the other hand, the ring finger and its peculiar symbolisms are logically associated with a wedding connotation. Likewise a band that is situated on the right fourth finger indicates that you are already engaged to your destined partner forever.


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The middle finger alongside with its peculiar symbolisms indicate boldness and  frankness. Moreover, this is symbolic of a person’s love for a sense of balance and responsibility. Further, it is in consonance with Saturn.   middle finger with ring


What does your index finger say if it has a ring? During the early days in Europe, a ring on this finger of yours signified one’s social status. This seems to be a unique indication that from this day, you must wear your elegantly crafted class ring by VY  Domingo Jewellers on your index finger. Best of all, this finger of yours prominently denote a human’s manual dexterity. As far as its planet significance is concerned, this is closely linked to Jupiter.

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Thumb ring and its peculiar symbolisms were impeccably inspired by North Americans. For the male gender, this is a sign of wealth and influence. Similarly, it  curiously  reflects  the lasting symbol of friendship. Surprisingly, it is not intertwined with  any planetary constellation. However, in some other belief systems the thumb with a ring resembles a strong character and sometimes an attitude of being dishonest if you have a crooked  thumb.

thumb ring


Peculiar symbolisms of rings are merely based on the evolving psyche of man and his unconsciousness. What counts a lot, is how you  carry yourself notwithstanding the quantity or position of your stunning rings  which are exclusively manufactured in utmost perfection by VY Domingo Jewellers Incorporated.




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