The Pros of Investing Jewelries

The Pros of Investing Jewelries

Investing jewelries is not a good investment all the time. However, the most profitable rewards come from antique accessories and other vintage items, too. Thus, it would be much safer to say that to achieve your ultimate goal choosing carefully the settings of your most adorable trinkets is the initial step.  This kind of investment could be an excellent idea because sometime in the past tribal groups had used this as a form of currency.


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In those days, jewelries were used as dowries. In  effect,  investing jewelries were one of the lucrative businesses that continued to flourish without any inch of difficulty. Today, these priceless possessions have higher VAT values ranging from 17.5 -20 percent in the years ahead. This goes for new jewelries according to a billionaire Lawrence Chard.  He further added



“The retailer usually imposes a 100% mark-up. Then there’s the wholesaler’s margin and the manufacturer’s. If you spent £100 on a piece of jewellery one day and tried to sell it the next, you might only get £30 for it.” The spread on buying and selling gold coins, by contrast, can be as little as 5%,singapore-jewelsPhoto

Did you know that it takes almost three decades to get back the original values of your splendid jewelry collections. On the part of vintage jewelries, you  must buy them from reputable jewellers and online stores to make them more than a wise investment.  Along this line, Art  Deco jewelries from 1920-1925 are highly recommended ones. Those which have diamonds and platinum settings are classic examples. To date, here”s an engaging descriptive.


Art-NouveauPieces from that period have strong linear designs that still look modern today,” she explains. “Anything signed by Cartier, Van Cleef or Arpels is particularly sought after because their pieces were of exceptional quality.”



Investing jewelries is really a matter of choice for anyone of us. Indeed, fashion is not just a fad. It can help you achieve your impossible dreams just like a diamond that is elegantly perfected by time.

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