The Right Necklace Size that Perfectly Suits Your Physique and Fashion Sense

The Right Necklace Size that Perfectly Suits Your Physique and Fashion Sense

A distinctive fashion sense entails making the right and wisest choice of whatever we want to wear to sophisticatedly enhance our inherent endowments and astonishing personalities. In lieu of this, there are certain guidelines that we have to diligently follow in finding the right necklace size that will meaningfully reveal our real beauty without exerting too much effort.



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Actually, there are different necklaces’ sizes that will  help us a lot in choosing the ideal one for  you and me regardless of its designs. Benefit wise, if we  have an idea of its appropriate size  it will provide a more captivating frame of our charming faces and it can tremendously alter the  look of our selected outfit.


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For your guidance, below is a necklace chart that is highly recommended by VY  Domingo Jewellers Incorporated as sourced from Take a look at it and try to determine the right necklace size to make you feel more comfortable everyday and during those special occasions that need  your stunning presence just like a royal queen or princess.

Necklace Size Chart


Necklace Length* Style Name Body Position Best Fit – Shape of Face
10 to 14 inches Collar Fits closely to the neck Heart-Shaped, Oval, Rectangular, Oblong
16 inches Choker, Chain, Locket, Strand Lies loosely around the neck Heart-Shaped Face, Oval
18 inches Princess Hangs at the collarbone Oval
20 inches Matinee Reaches just past the collarbone Oval
22 inches Matinee Hangs at the top of the bust Oval
24 inches Matinee Sits around the center of the bust Oval
28 to 38 inches** Opera, Lariat, Rope Drapes below the bust Round Face, Oval
40 inches and above** Opera, Lariat, Rope Extends past the navel Oval

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To all those fashionistas out there, have in mind that the clasp of your precious necklace is not included in the measurement criteria.

multiple necklaces

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As far as long necklaces are concerned,  they can be wrapped around your neck about 2 to 3 times more in order to achieve a more layered effect.

Shape of Your Face and Your Elegant Necklace 

Fashion bloggers of e-Bay say that if a person has an oval -shaped face then, you are most likely well-endowed. Graciously, such facial shape can confidently wear any necklace regardless  of its length.


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In contrast, if you have been blessed with a heart-shaped, oblong or a rectangular face it is nice for you to wear a short necklace as your right necklace size.  These types of necklace minimize your elongated facial features without any reservation.


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Meanwhile, the right necklace size for round-faced women is nonetheless a long one. Simply, this type of ornament elongates your jawlines. Therefore, let VY Domingo Jewellers make this necklace for you bring the best of who you are despite of your age and social stature.


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Ultimately, the right necklace size must be according to your height. For instance, you have a short height all you need to choose can be any of these.- A collar, choker, or princess necklace. In like manner, if you are not endowed with a much taller height long  necklaces are without flaws for you.



Still, a personal experiment is somehow required to find the right necklace size which  will make you a goddess of beauty that nobody else can lovingly behold.

Again, VY Domingo Jewllers Incorporated will gladly assist you  with  this fashion  concern 24/7.

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