US Bags the Most Expensive Colored Gemstone Distinction in an Auction

US Bags the Most Expensive Colored Gemstone Distinction in an Auction

The United States has once again proven their unmatched dominance and power in global auctions when it bagged the world record of having the most expensive colored gemstone during the 15.99 Carat Jubilee Ruby during its pre-sale hype last Wednesday. Remarkably, the  much sought after gemstone was one of the contenders of  Christie’s Magnificent Jewels sale in New York. In fact, the phenomenal item has a shocking price tag of $14.16 million.


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Likewise, this most expensive colored gemstone is currently alluded to as the most essential Ruby to be proudly presented in an US auction after 25 years. This is actually a Burmese type which has an oval shape. Moreover, the splendid gemstone was beautifully surrounded with round and white-colored diamonds.  Thus, its timeless mounting which is  an 18-karat yellow gold and platinum was mined in the vastness known as Verdura.



Meanwhile, the  mysterious gemstone was mined at the Valley of Moguk in Burma. According to documented accounts, Moguk is considered to be as the melting pot of those famed and high-quality rubies in the world.  The most expensive colored gemstone was the most appealing one among the other fabulous gemstones due to its flawless pigeon’s blood color. This was due to its high content of chromium in the ground.10809835_1521218984814632_894863821_n


Based on an enticing remark with respect to the most expensive colored gemstone, it has this to say.

“Top quality Burmese rubies of over 15 carats are an absolute rarity in the world of colored gemstones, and the record price of $18.3 million achieved for the 15.04-carat ‘Crimson Red Ruby’ at Christie’s Hong Kong in December 2015 exemplified the voracious appetite of collectors for these gems.”



On the other hand, the most expensive colored gemstone was estimated to be only half of  the total price in relation to the  25.59-carat Sunrise Ruby. Briefly, it  was able to establish its own world record that was gamely paid at $30.3  million in Sotheby’s Geneva last May .

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