Victorian Era Chains: The Impeccable Glamour of History and Romance

Victorian Era Chains: The Impeccable Glamour of History and Romance

Queen Victoria’s historic assumption to power paved the way for the glorious  and powerful Victorian  Era Chains. She reigned her beloved country for 64 years. During her uncontested incumbency, there had been three distinctive eras  wherein fashion and jewelries have dramatically metamorphosed themselves into something wherein  their inherent beauties had made them to be more extraordinary than their previous prototypes. These influential modifications were the end results of the various and monumental events that took place in her colorful life as a Queen.



The splendor of these awesome Victorian Era Chains have gyrating characteristics that every fashion icon more revealing in those years. These types of ornaments were heavily influenced by the regal and resplendent styles and designs of the so-called Renaissance jewelries just like the samples below.


Among the most popular ones in this Period were those jewelries that were heavily infused with enamel and other precious gemstones to name a few. Also, the presence and  impact of beautiful handmade chains in sets  were too prevalent in those years.


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Most of these handcrafted Victorian  Era Chains are commonly comprised of cabochon or table-cut gemstones and enameled floral plaques or cartouches between the chain links. Best of all, no chain links are similar to one another. These chains  were made  this way  until  the Age of Industrialization sets in. Shakespeare, the great author and poet even alluded to these lustrous jewelries in reference to the beauteous Victorian women.


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When the Dawn of Industrialization began, these captivating  Victorian  Era Chains have become more reasonably priced and the diverse techniques which were carefully utilized in manufacturing them had gone a long, long way. To date, there were  talented designers who had adopted some pressed glass in making glass intaglios, stamped or cast metal for settings, and chain making machines.


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Ultimately, these charming necklaces or Victorian Era Chains are not only the unforgettable legacies of Queen Victoria. the birth and versatile uses of charm bracelets were in the same way credited to her.

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