Vintage Mexican Jewelries: The Next Fashion Sensation

Vintage Mexican Jewelries: The Next Fashion Sensation

A few months back, I have  written about Mexican jewelries.  Since these are truly fashionable inside and out, let me share with the most interesting facts about its vintage side. Mexican vintage jewelries highlight themselves with a sterling silver component that catapults  the Modernist approach in jewelry designing. One classic example of these, is a  Frederick Davis Turquoise.

This adorable ring has a carbon-cut gemstone. Of course, the vintage masterpiece has a personal signature of the one who started it all who’s no other than but the one and only Frederick Davis.


The splendor and wonders of a Vintage Carved Bracelet is unmistakably elegant and timeless because this is a classic cuff bracelet, that has an authenticated hallmark of “Sterling 980 Made in Mex”.


The remarkable Antonio Mexican Silver Pearl Bracelet is one of the sought after Mexican vintage jewelries that was creatively crafted during the 1960’s circa. Perfectly, its durable bracelet links are  designed with an extraordinary luminescent pearl. To know whether it is fake or not, a difficult to  imitate  insignia is found.


Have you ever worn a  figurative brooch? Well, you  will not definitely go out of style if you are  going to wear this each day. This is dubbed in the glittering world of fashion as the Mexican Silver Figurative Brooch. Descriptively, this is beautifully accented with a genuine amethyst stone.


A Taxco Mexican Sterling Bracelet is known  as one of the most peculiar collections of rare Mexican vintage jewelries that has a captivating leaf design which is highly recommended for nature lovers around the world. Again, its impeccable craftsmanship and authenticity will be one of its excellent features because of this one.- The Sterling 925 Taxco”.



 Mexican vintage jewelries allow people to indulge to a vivid and enriching history and culture of other countries that are truly beyond time and space with endless possibilities.

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