VY Domingo Jewellers Incorporated: The Glittering Success Story

VY Domingo Jewellers Incorporated: The Glittering Success Story

The  continuous business success of VY Domingo Jewellers Incorporated seems to be too inspiring among the newest jewelry makers in the country today. For those neophyte entrepreneurs out there, it is a duly registered jewelry firm in the Philippines  that has been adjudged as one of Asia’s leading jewelry manufacturer for your customized jewelries that ensue brilliance and product excellence every time you wear them.

For more than three decades, VY Domingo Jewellers Incorporated  and our dedicated and persevering engineers, sales personnel and our creative management staff have committed themselves to work as a solidified team. Therefore, they add unquestionable professionalism to everything that they do without going overboard.  Of course, their social responsibilities are intact to embody  a kind of world class service and product excellence that are only unique in each and every integral part of  VY Domingo.

We are a top supplier of sophisticated jewelries with deep and beautiful engravings through the utilization of deep engraving techniques as compared to our  toughest competitors.

Indeed, VY Domingo Jewellers Incorporated had lovingly nurtured and grown their labor  of love on every masterpiece that we especially create for your 100% absolute satisfaction.

As a company, we are governed by the following mission, vision and philosophies to make us more globally competitive.

Core Philospohies

VY Domingo Jewellers Incorporated has been in the jewelry making business since 1954.  From then on, these set of missions have never withered all these years.

  • Being your right business partner, we will assist millions of people in optimizing their economic profitability, despite of who they are. What matters most to us, is to help them succeed in their humble endeavors.
  •  To maximize their God given talents, most especially their inherent entrepreneurship skills.
  •   V.Y. Domingo will never stop in training people to earn a decent income, regardless of gender, social status , religion and age to name a few.
  • V.Y. Domingo main objective is to be your long-term and strategic partner in both business and your other personal concerns, regarding the essence of Internet selling across the globe

Since our historic and remarkable inception in jewelry craftsmanship, we are  in the same propelled with these missions for our business partners and loyal customers here and across the globe. These are as follows:

  • Customer-oriented Focus – Providing you with genuine services, every time you call us for quotations up to our promptness in delivering high- quality products in real time. – A kind of business assistance, which is remarkably personalized and magnificently tailored according to your needs.
  •  Committed to People – Employing dedicated staff, who wants to be a part of our young and dynamic team. We are generously providing them with support, unmatched customer-relation and trainings to ensure their satisfaction at all cost.
  •  Your Right Business Partner –  V.Y. Domingo takes pride in presenting and selling a kind of product quality, which features their amazing works and satisfaction- guaranteed services. From the initial creation and tedious quality inspection processes and their intricate product design methodologies which are appropriately suited for our customers’ specific needs up to the actual manufacturing procedures and time of product delivery.
  •  Utmost care is being seriously taken into consideration – To ensure that the highest quality standards of our very reasonably- priced products are always met without compromises. Ultimately, these hands on management strategies of Madame Fiolette have enabled  V.Y. Domingo to provide the kind of personal services that customers expect and appreciate without reservations.
  • Excellence – This is our main core in achieving global accomplishments, in everything that we do. Our business ladder of success is comprised of the following: Goal- oriented people, their unique skills and talents, right training and motivation, abundant resources and manpower, unceasing profitability and so much more.
  •  Quality First, Above Anything Else. – To maintain the highest standards of craftsmanship and strict quality control in every department. Always remember that, “There should be no shortcuts to perfections”.


The main vision of VY Domingo Jewllers Incorporated  is based on the ideals of quality and unparalleled services.

We also apply our best efforts to market our products and untainted name which MUST be made recognizable for the upcoming 21st century. We will endlessly continue to introduce valuable, innovative new designs and services that can only be expected from one of the World’s leading jewelry manufacturing firm which is no other than  V.Y. Domingo.

Company Profile

VY Domingo Jewllers Incorporated is a fast- growing and dynamic Jewelry firm in the Philippines which is located at #35 Emerald Street Millionaires Village, Novaliches, Quezon City which creates, designs and customizes high-quality jewelries at affordable prices. Our diligent and hardworking company President, Ms. Fiolette Domingo, is deeply involved in every phase of our hands on production processes.

Generally, the global scope of our prestigious company has prompted her to add brilliant, persevering and highly- trained marketing and production staff; though, each and every product as well as our fast growing clientele are personally supervised by her.

This is the main reason why that this illustrious firm was once featured in a Filipino- inspired television show,  “Swak na Swak as  shown in this widely viewed video. Kindly visit this link and be inspired with pioneering legacy of VY Domingo Jewllers Incorporated.





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Ms. Fiolette Y. Domingo V.Y. Domingo Jewellers Incorporated President/CEO