What are Optics in Gemology?

What are Optics in Gemology?

In gemology. there is a scientific term that is alluded to as optics. Optics in gemology refers to the differentiation process as well as its properties. The primal basis of this method most particularly in the complex area of crysal optics is the fact that  light travels like the ripples of pond. Scientifically, this is commonly known  as waves. Likewise, the optical properties of your precious gemstones are determined by crystallographic symmetry of the specific materials used. For example, isometric crystals have crystal structures that are highly symmetrical in all directions.


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The result of this symmetry is that light traveling in an isometric crystal travels at the same speed in any direction and is not slowed down measurably in any one direction within the material. This is also true of glass, which is actually amorphous and has no crystal structure. Similarly, in optics gemology you will interestingly know that there are crystals that are not isometric in nature. This is because light is being  separated into  two distinct components namely, These two rays are polarized, that is, they each vibrate in a single plane rather than in all directions perpendicular to the direction of travel of the light. The two rays arising in such crystals are known as the ordinary ray and the extraordinary ray. All crystals other than isometric ones cause this splitting of incident light and are termed anisotropic.


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It is significntly found out in the study of optics gemology that there are some crystals have  different  directions in general. Why is this possible? To answer this very intriguing questuon,  the perpendicular direction of light accounts for this remarkable characterization, There is no doubt that taking  this into consideration makes this branch of science of more engaging to study than any other subject matter that anybody can ever explore.

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