What are the Best Options for Inherited Jewelries?

What are the Best Options for Inherited Jewelries?

Ageless heirlooms no matter where they came  from were the most priceless gifts that we had received from our loved ones .These are priceless ornaments that we should not only cherish; but, as responsible custodians of these articles creativity can holistically teach us on what to do with them. Initially, if our beloved relative had given us  a regal jewelry box you must carefully scan it and set a  definite timeline to do your sorting stuff.

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Go through each piece and  decide what to keep for the sake of sentimental value. If there are fine jewelries inside, have them appraised accurately. On the other hand, costume jewelries must be divided into three sections accordingly. These are as follows:SEYMPM216-CT-2

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  • Keep and store
  • Keep and repurpose
  • Keep and wear
  • Get rid of

Inherited  jewelries must be kept based on their sentimental values and if  the giver wore some of them all the time. These are  called signature pieces. In keeping any of these, pick 1-3 pieces if you wish. Then, keep them inside a safety deposit box in the future.


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At home, you can make a dainty shadow box  that will beautifully highlight all your magnificent pieces of inherited jewelries. Hence, the keep and wear method is so easy to do. Here’s how. Mix and match them with those vintage and new ones. In effect, this will definitely increase the personalized pop that you badly need to keep up with the trending trends of our modern fashion world.



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Donate some of your inherited jewelry to charities or thrift shops like Goodwill or Salvation Army respectively.  Thus, you can sell them online. However, determine the best websites in town like e-bay and The Real Real.


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Research. This is the most effective approach in dealing with your inherited jewelries. Determine the price ranges of  your pieces. Be sure that these would be a break even selling advantage.

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