What are the Fashion Elegance of Jewelry Tassels?

What are the Fashion Elegance of Jewelry Tassels?

Sometimes, the ideal uniqueness of fashion and  elegance oozes in extreme simplicity. This is the main reason why jewelries come and go, to artistically express a specific sense of revival of a particular era or period. However, fashion trends of these captivating accessories are continuously updated to perfectly suit the current generation, just like the adorable jewelry tassels which have become more popular during the 1920’s circa.

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Jewelry tassels were magnificently created by artistic artisans through colorful  gemstone beads which have been matched through the dynamics of colors and sizes. During the 1920’s, platinum was used as their primal components instead of yellow gold. Moreover, sautoir necklaces are too popular because these were the enigmatic fashion statements of flappers.  Descriptively, these are long necklaces with various ornaments to provide a wearer with a different look. Meanwhile, the Art Deco designs of a jewelry tassel adopt diverse geometric patterns, which must be symmetrical.

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Characteristically, Art Deco  jewelry tassels had taken into consideration the principles of  Eastern motifs which included the wise use and exceptional use of engraved gemstones like diamonds  and ancient gemstones from Egypt. Green-colored jades are used to add beauty, grandeur and perfection to those fashionistas who constantly desire for an awesome and a hype persona.

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In addition, tiny and real pearls and twinned diamonds were the regal ornaments of those immortal jewelry tassels. Among the world-renowned works of art are diamond tasseled brooches, earrings and necklaces. Since time immemorial, the astonishing Van Cleef collectibles were historically dubbed as timeless due to the impressive craftsmanship of a priceless Van Cleef & Arpels Zip Necklace.

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Lovely and intricate jewelry tassels are indeed versatile because these do not have fashion restrictions all. All you need to do is choose the best designs which give you a bewitching revelation of who you are.

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