What Does a Ring Symbolize for Lovers?

What Does a Ring Symbolize for Lovers?

Expressive symbolisms of objects or anything that is priceless for you and your significant other, has romantically given your mutual love for one another  new and endless twists that will  make your bond much stronger than ever before. This coming Valentine’s  Day,  lots of men will definitely surprise their partners with the most expensive rings on the planet. But, have we ever wondered about the passionate meaning of a ring for lovers?

By the way, lovers in its contextual meaning also denote love for country and its people and one’s ardor and love for a particular religious affiliation.

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This interesting article will thrillingly reveal the lasting meaning of a creatively crafted promise ring which is especially meant for the one that you truly love. Read on.

Ancient Times

During the ancient times, a promise ring is an eternal symbol of a promise. But, this is not the same as engagement  or wedding rings in its strictest sense.  First and foremost, we must always remember that this is a pre-engagement ring that tenderly symbolizes commitment and the blossoming of a sweet and monogamous relationship between lovers that have been sent from high heavens.

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In like manner the simple and priceless promise rings  denote celibacy and purity before your much awaited altar date with your destined other half. Uniquely, these fabulous rings have different  and fabulous designs that will definitely melt your heart and soul as you wear it till forever. Ideally, a reasonably priced ring with glittering stones from VY Domingo Jewellers Incorporated will do.



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However,  this is not too eye-catching than a real diamond ring from the same innovative jewelry manufacturing firm that  has been in this globally competitive industry for more 30 years and still counting.


How did a promise ring originate? Let us turn back the hands of time, to intelligently answer this intriguing question.

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The religious sectors of society such as  Bishops have worn their respective promise rings to eternally symbolize their spiritual marriage or the solemnity of their union with a given church. On the other hand, in Venice this regal piece piece of jewelry previously signified a foreign dignitary’s marriage to a city of his jurisdiction and the Adriatic  Sea.  This was done by  tossing a ring into the water once a year.

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16th and 17th Centuries 

Meanwhile, the 16th and 17th centuries gave these splendidly fashioned jewelries new trademarks in global history. Specifically, a poesy ring was dearly engraved with a sentiment and a  promise as well, before it was given to the apple of your eye.

The scribbling rings had uncut diamond ornaments like diamond chips. These beautiful signs of endless love had engraved vows or promises for each lover.

Other Meanings of Rings

Promise rings have many unique meanings.Suggestively, the word promise sets the ultimate difference from one kind to another. Read on.

  1. Friendship Rings- Symbolize commitment between good friends that they will be there for each other through thick and thin
  2. Monogamy Rings- These are the kinds of  jewelries that faithfully express mutual commitments between lovers
  3. Pre-Engagement Rings- Pre-Engagement rings are classified as jewelries that will constantly remind destined lovers that there’s no turning back and soon engagement will soon follow

Rings for lovers profess a kind of true love that will never fade nor wither as  years go by. These will freely express their unconditional love for one another without reservations.

Truly, these sophisticated jewelries enthuse strong bonds of trust that will further solidify the union of both man and woman before living witnesses  and the merciful eyes of the Almighty.

So, if you have already found your true and endless love let VY Domingo Jewellers help you in choosing the most cherished ring for your soulmate now and forever.



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