What is a Diamond Enhancement?

What is a Diamond Enhancement?

Enhancements never fail its universal purposes. Diamonds are one of the finest treasures which exquisitely require these tedious methodologies to attain the incomparable kind of perfection all these years. Did you know that during the ancient times, sorcerers, jewellers and even the world famous alchemists had gone crazy over a diamond enhancement. It involves the improvement of its value and appearance respectively.


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Currently, the innovative arena of diamond enhancement involves the presence of the following techniques. Radiation bombardment, laser drilling and fracture filling among others. So, the next time that you intend to purchase a natural diamond do not be afraid to ask about its treatment process. Although this can severely affect the appraisal of these priceless gemstones, the final decision will solely depend on a consumer.


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What are the Different Techniques of a Diamond Enhancement? 

Laser-zipped diamonds involve the creative shaping of rough diamond crystals and meticulously remove the various diamond inclusions. Thus, this process is widely known as laser drilling. At the end of the day, the size and number of inclusions are the ultimate determinants of clarity in diamonds.


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Laser drilling entails the use of a high-beamed energy to create a tiny tunnel in a diamond to target the inclusions. Now, to burn  and bleach these imperfections aim to improve the clarity of diamonds. Meanwhile, fracture-filled diamonds also require a much needed diamond enhancement in order to remove the cloudy appearance in these timeless gemstones.


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Here, the diamonds’ fissures are filled with a glass-like substance in order to mimic the optical colors and properties of a particular diamond that has undergone treatment.  Essentially, all types of diamond treatment try to attain the capability of a diamond enhancement to become permanent. But, diamond fillers are totally the reverse of an expected outcome.


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Whatever techniques are adopted by diamond experts, diamond enhancement will eternally reflect the passionate side of authentic diamonds with respect to beauty, wisdom and elegance.

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