Why are Jewelries Dubbed as Fashion Statements?

Why are Jewelries Dubbed as Fashion Statements?

We frequently hear the word fashion statements in the glamorous world of the rich and famous. Once you have uniquely asserted your own, it will make waves the least you expect it. What are fashion statements? Let us further discuss the matter based on the perceptions  of fashion experts and bloggers who had spent years in honing their respective crafts in order to establish a phenomenal name in the competitive world of fashion.

According to a well-known blogger, this is one of the most overused word in fashion. By definition, this is actually the ubiquity of street style blogs. DIY_Statement_Gem2

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Meanwhile, the street style approach is the simplest way of gaining founts of  inspiration from  the literal street itself. During the 90’s, these have referred to those famous clothes from New York, to the lower sidewalks of Manhattan, Paris and Milan. In other words, these striking fashion statements engender the essence of  street  photography.

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Jewelries as fashion statements must take into consideration these  two important questions. Do you dress for yourself or for the sake of the people around you? Once you have taken your intuitive cue from there, everything else follows. As we have mentioned in our previous blogs, both jewelries and clothes are lasting forms of self-expression. Statement pieces like these regal ornaments incredibly define your personal styles.

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Suggestively, it is highly recommended by experts that you should wear your VY Domingo jewelries with monochrome outfits. Best examples of these are your finely-crafted name necklace, a crystal brooch or a heat-shaped necklace with rainbow gems. Then, your footwear should be a bright-colored pair of shoes or sneakers depending on your personal preference. Likewise,  never fail  to consider your mood for the day if you want to  create an astonishing  fashion statement.

shoulder brooch

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To make an original fashion statement, you must select the right clothes and your most cherished VY Domingo jewelries. You can dress up your favorite tee with your dazzling sparkles.



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Fashion statements will fabulously reveal the REAL YOU if you know how to be unique without going beyond the limits of the variations, styles and being different in every step of  the way.

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