Why Should a Fashionista be Adorned with an Emerald Ring?

Why Should a Fashionista be Adorned with an Emerald Ring?

Fashion denotes various significant meanings which have not changed its core values and principles through the years. An fabulous Emerald ring astounds everyone with its dazzling persona that never fades through the years. The energized one represents the planet Mercury and this is excellent for business owners and proudly symbolizes intelligence, education and intuition. Similarly, it corresponds to hope and a positive frame of mind.

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Also, this sparkling accessory serves as your lucky charm if you desire to be promoted from your current job. Likewise, an emerald gemstone should be worn to enhance one’s creativity most especially if your bread and butter is any of the following: A writer, politician and a banker. When you buy an exquisitely crafted Emerald ring, it is believed to be a potent cure for speech defects. Moreover, it will mysteriously protect you against snake bites and it provides longevity for its wearers.

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People who are constantly dealing with mental stress needs a not so elegant Emerald ring to calm their minds.  Pregnant women must ask permission from their doctors to wear this magical ornament inside the delivery room to make their  labour ordeals much bearable. It aids blood circulation based on scientific researches.

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Symbolically, an Emerald ring means love and passion as well.  It helps a person to attract money and good fortune as years passed. However, these surprising astrological benefits behind an Emerald’s lasting elegance can be fruitfully achieved if you will combine them with PRAYER, FAITH and HARDWORK.

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