Year of the Fire Monkey and its Fascinating Secrets You Ought to Know

Year of the Fire Monkey and its Fascinating Secrets You Ought to Know

How would you want your Year of the Fire Monkey to transform your life that would bring you and your family the best of both worlds?  Perhaps, you  are going to buy some gemstones that will further enhance your attraction to prosperity and peacefulness. Officially, the said year will start on the 8th day of February 2016. Specifically, it will commence on the night of the second new moon of the winter solstice. This Chinese  origin distinction of the year ends on the 27th day of February 2017. 2016-JVP-Lunar-Monkey-REV

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Based on the predictions of a famous astrologer in the person of Susan Levitt, this is the perfect year to create dramatic CHANGES in our lives. Due to a monkey’s limitless energy, it is surmised that anything can happen this  Year of the Fire Monkey. Our plans are most likely to succeed. On the contrary, we should not be too trusting when it comes to dealing with other people that we meet or those who are already close to us.


It is because some of them might play tricks on you  unexpectedly. Likewise, we must avoid tail chasing cycle in all that we do because this character trait of us is similar to a monkey’s set of  attitudes. With respect to our careers, if we feel that it is not  fruitful despite of all your efforts let us  try to shift to a more fulfilling endeavor as much as possible.



This year will bring lots of bright and blazing changes because a Fire Monkey is rued by the Fire element, which is subsequently followed by Earth, Water, Wood and Metal. Significantly, the Fire element corresponds to life. Furthermore, it symbolizes passion which will result to the enhancement of human creativity and joy among others.

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How Should The Year of  a Fire Monkey be Enhanced by  Gemstones?

Can precious gemstones enhance your positive energies this Year of the Fire Monkey? Well, the simple answer to  this intriguing  question is YES.  For those of us who believe in Chinese Geomancy, be sure to have these  lucky gemstones at home. These are the following: Jade and Topaz. Similarly, your VY  Domingo jewelries must have a touch of Gold and Iron to attract good luck.

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Both Jades and Topazes  also have their own shares of  good vibes and harmony to a wearer who constantly believes that these gemstones will ensure that his or her year will be more blessed and filled with immeasurable contentment and gratification in general.


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A jade stone when it is studded with gold or silver materials, will unblock your Heart Chakra. If this happens,  your feelings of grief  and incidence of depression will gradually diminish.

Truly, VY  Domingo and  Jewellers Incorporated will be flooded with thousands of these jewelries with jade or topaz gemstones so that every time we wear them our emotional well-being  will be more stable and matured to effectively handle every hardship that impede us from getting better in the glorious Year of  the Fire Monkey.

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