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Amethyst its Royal Magnificence and Astrological Denotations

A most cherished and priceless gem of Pisces is known as Amethyst. This Love Month gem is closely associated with the 6th anniversary of a blissful marital union and is one of the royal collections from Egypt and the British Crown Jewels. The first ever discovered February gem was a Smithsonian type that weighs 400 pounds. Likewise, the Christian Church had made this even more popular when powerful Bishops wore them with pride. Saint Valentine loved this captivating jewelry set with a carved image of Cupid, the adorable love guide of hopeless romantics.

Symbolically, Amethyst is a spiritual symbol of Saint Matthias. Based on the Holy Scriptures, the said glamorous gem is one of the noteworthy historical treasures which comprised the grandiosity of 12 gems in the breast plate of Aaron. Similarly, it is believed that the 12th foundation of the Holy City was established with this shimmering gem of love. Also, it had been equally compared to a diamond in many ways. What is the dubious mystery behind this enigmatic gem? Read on.

Greek Mythology accounts claimed that Amethyst was a beautiful and young virgin who became an object of wrath of a Greek God named Dionysus, after he got intoxicated by a red wine. Afterwards, the innocent lass pleaded for help to a merciful goddess which has been alluded to as Dianna. The latter magically turned her into a glaring gem When Dionysus regained his consciousness, he felt sorry for his immoral actions. he cried and his tears fell on a goblet with his favorite red wine. Unfortunately, it overturned and a red liquid spilled over the white rock. After few minutes, the snowy quartz turned into purple.

The enormous characteristics of Amethyst constitute a magical protection against evil forces. Moreover, it makes your thinking swift in all situations especially in business matters. For the men in uniform, this elegant gem allows them to be victorious in any battle. Wearers are safe against contagious illnesses. It fosters chastity and the purest intentions of human nature. In addition, if you want to control your anger all you need to do is just wear any kind of jewelry with this splendid gem. Your constant fashion rendezvous with this pricey gem promotes calmness, courage and contemplation. During the Renaissance Era it was a symbol of modesty and affluence. To date, it was a personal favorite of Queen Catherine the most influential woman in Russia.

Amethyst attracts good fortune for its beloved wearers. It enhances the wealth corner according to Chinese Geomancy. Best of all, it is an invisible peacemaker among families, relatives and friends. To protect you against impeding dangers, a jewelry must be embossed or engraved with a bear. For a Venus-like skin, it was moistened with saliva and applied generously on one’s skin during the old times. Are you suffering from stomach pains? Let this stone take care of your discomfort in an instant. Furthermore, it makes your lungs healthy. This is an exceptional detoxifying agent of a person’s pectoral region. Above all these, it is rumored to be effective in treating various brain problems.

In your workplace, Amethyst clears your thinking process to boost your efficiency. Senior citizens must wear this gem to deter the onset of memory gap. A beyond compare stress and insomnia buster, too. It changes your mood from sadness to a happy feeling each day. Headaches are no sweat for a purple-colored lover. Spiritually, it raises your religious connections with God to the highest level. Last but not the least, it will save you against thieves and other forces of wickedness that surround you. For its utmost care, never expose this to extreme sunlight and harmful chemicals.

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