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Rose Quartz: The Invincible Gem of Hopeless Romantics

The search for a perfect partner is being dictated by fate and destiny. But, based on the science of Feng Shui a genuine Rose Quartz has been an miraculous amulet in finding your soul mate unexpectedly. This love attracting gem belongs to the quartz family and is composed of silicon dioxide. Its captivating shades and colors of pink is courtesy of the small inclusions of pink fibers which are referred to as dumordiente creatively integrated within this glamorous stone. This element provides a highest quality of opaqueness. Therefore, it must be kept safely away from sunlight.

Rose Quartz has diverse and unique uses. According to its interesting myths, Cupid was the angelic giver of this adorable gem to profess unconditional love and reconciliation between two people. Among Native Americans, this is an incredible healer of negative emotions such as anger and frustrations. The ancient gem fosters harmonized feelings to make you feel better. The gem is closely associated with compassion. It raises your levels of consciousness to have a forgiving attitude and spirit. It slowly opens a heart chakra to be merciful to others. The eradication of toxic energies is one of the exceptional benefits of wearing this fascinating stone.

An authentic or synthetic Rose Quartz is fluid in nature because of its water element. In relationships it will help you develop TRUST in your partner and to move forward after a heartbreaking separation. It heals a broken heart by making a balanced state of a person’s heart chakra. To gain its enormous benefits, this type of gem must be infused with water. Then, condition your cute and enriching gem to be an advocate of beautiful and sincere intentions. Similarly, teach it to boost your self-confidence and your personal light or aura.

The energized water of a glamorous Rose Quartz can be used as a beauty tonic by spraying it on your body. Do not forget to include mantras to engender the effectiveness of a miraculous water. When you bathe, soak your gem in water mixed with Himalayan salt. It relieves muscular aches and spasms. Always include this magnificent gem in your daily meditation regimen to lighten your burdened spirit from morning till night.

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