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White Gold: The Infinite Beauty and Glamour You Never Knew

White gold is gold’s alloy. As we all know, a pure gold accessory has to be mixed with other metals for its exceptional strength and durability. Without an alloy, gold can be easily bent because of its very soft characteristic. The white-coloured gold in jewelries make them whiter like no other. To enhance its impeccable strength, rhodium is being added to its fullness and engendering physical beauty.

White gold turns into yellow color when its rhodium coating begins to fade. This is a normal phenomenon caused by the following factors: pH level of a skin, chemicals and other environmental components. To resolve, simply bring your jewelry to a reputable jeweller and request for a rhodium-re coating service. Although it turns into yellow, this mesmerizing metal is 100% REAL GOLD. When buying any gold jewelry, always remember that the bigger the karat weight, the larger is the quantity of gold in it.

Wedding Nails

White gold features a neutral color and durability. Therefore, this is a top choice for any kind of gemstone. On the contrary, it needs recoating to maintain its inherent color. Nevertheless, this best suits your simple and versatile persona,

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