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Real Italian Gold: The Prolific Characteristics

Real Italian gold will provide you with countless thrills and excitement from the very day you bought and wear it with so much confidence. These types of gold are traditional in nature ,which possesses a yellow gold color, high quality components and overall exact designs. To date, it has been worn by millions for centuries.

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Most 18k Italian gold must be purchased with extra caution. In Europe, these are genially classified according to a genuine fineness mark instead of a karat. For instance, a 14k gold features a mark of 585. However, some jewelries with these marking do not contain gold in it. In the same way, gold-filled jewelries only contains a thin coating of gold. The pureness of gold is only 5%

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The main producers of Italian gold are Milan, Vicenza, Arrezo Torre del Greco and Valenza. If you are planning to buy any jewelry from Italy, do not forget to consider the gold purity of an item. Also, the authentic markings such as

  • 18K gold is marked 750. This indicates 75% gold.
  • 14K gold is marked 585. This indicates 58.5% gold.
  • 10K gold is marked 417. This indicates 41.7% gold
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Moreover, Italian gold has other known markings like F” inscribed to mean gold filled, of “GP” to mean gold plated. “Pd” means that the base metal of the jewelry is Palladium, “PT” and “PLAT” both mean platinum to name a few. As for its colors, gold comes in diverse varieties such as pink, white and green gold. To buy an authentic gold, the jewelry must have a warranty. So, the accessory can be repaired if it has been damaged.

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Italian gold is a wise investment. Always consider its price. If it’s literally low then it might be a counterfeit jewelry. Make it certain that a hallmark has been inscribed on each lovable trinket. These are the salient points that you need to know and memorize to get your money’s worth.

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