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Discovering the Inexpressible Bling of 24-Karat Gold Jewelries

Since the ancient times, a twenty-four karat gold has been dubbed as a form of an international currency because of its global recognition for so many years. In the same way, pure gold was subjected to a standardization process due to its 999.9 distinction in 1984. Additionally, its weight attribute provides customers the freedom of selling their gold back to a reputable jeweler which was a customary tradition in China. Business of gold is an easy task for the Chinese. Thanks to the most innovative techniques of burnishing, lathing and buffing. These processes surged the sales of 24-karat gold jewelries most especially to the middle-class strata of China.

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24-karat gold jewelries are very popular during Chinese weddings. They contribute at least 40 percent to their economic development. Hence, to target a young market, Korean pop stars such as G-Dragon and Lee Min Ho were tapped as their top models for those spellbinding accessories. A store in Hong Kong with 300 branches is one of the leading gold sellers in the country. Some of its best sellers were gold pendants of Marvel Comics such as the smiling pigs, plumps and fertility symbols for brides.

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As previously emphasized in our recent blogs, 24-karat gold jewelries are extremely soft and can be bent easily. Therefore, the making of intricate ornaments are not feasible. Thus, Chinese artisans had integrated auspicious Chinese themes for long life and prosperity among others. Meanwhile, gold’s hardness was further enhanced through the discovery of electro-forming technology to create astonishing designs of authentic gems. Today, the prices of gold range from $1,090 per troy ounce.

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As far as the colors of 24-karat gold jewelries are concerned, the advent of modern technology was able to modify their colors to rose tint variation to become like a real gold bar. This refers to the colorful historical past of Chinese ancestry. For the old folks, gold is a symbol of good luck. Did you know that the oldest brand of these real gold trinkets is Lao Feng Xiang? The jewelry mogul started doing business in 1848. Currently, they have 2,000 stores across the country. The company is planning an expansion in the years ahead. This type of gold began in the West during the Byzantine eras. It features a vivid historical significance because of political supremacy under the Ottoman and Roman empires. These powerful dynasties regard gold jewelries as splendid adornments.

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24-karat gold jewelries are alchemies of modern fashion because they make objects to withstand the test of time. Kings and queens have ornamented themselves with these sophisticated luxuries of ancient history to exhibit their unquestionable royalty.

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