Obsidian Gemstone: The Inner-Self Mirror of Reflection and Personal Growth

Obsidian Gemstone: The Inner-Self Mirror of Reflection and Personal Growth

Mysterious vibes and psychic cleansing are integral parts of our human nature. Therefore, you will definitely need a psychic vacuum cleanser which is widely recognized by mystics as an Obsidian gemstone. It excellently cleanses emotional wreckage and debris of the past. Also, this is a great shield for all your fears, anxieties, addiction and anger.  This is a discerning tool of your dark side and it is perceived as a fashionable reminder of your  good and bad side. Moreover, it pours a radiating light on negativity to clear them away. Best of all, it hinders Satanic forces from disturbing your inner peace. Obsidian acts a soul purifier to make you feel refreshed and become the ultimate controller of your unpredictable destiny.


The  Obsidian gemstone is commonly used for meditation purposes and it was used to create arrow heads during the Paleolithic Age. A shimmering stone which is often referred to as a volcanic glass due to  its sheen finish and its main origin which is no other than a molten lava. Just like other gems, it has grounding and stabilizing effects. So, if your chakras fail to establish a sense of balance wear any Obsidian jewelry to effectively restore overall harmony and absorb its resilient energy to make you feel better. It balances your spiritual and physical worlds.


Persons who are in the process of self-healing need an Obsidian gemstone and provides them with patience to bear with the most difficult challenges. To use, gaze at the stone with utmost concentration and implore its aid to give you a clear frame of mind. Helps you to be honest with yourself. Place this stone on your workstation to function as a work bodyguard. Similarly, it is time-tested on its effectiveness in absorbing harmful electromagnetic frequencies of your appliances and gadgets. This is a best deflector of the so-called draining people. Above all these, wear an Obsidian gem to make your dreams come true.

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