June 2019

The Surprising Health Benefits of Gold Jewelries

Finest gold jewelries are my timeless  collections. But, financial constraints had made me decide to turn  them into wise investments. Surprisingly, these authentic trinkets in gold have amazing health benefits which gave me the motivation to purchase some beautiful pieces to personally experience their holistic advantages to my overall well-being. According to the latest scientific facts, gold is a natural antioxidant. In the same manner, it is anti-inflammatory. Gold boosts ones immune system. For best results, wear a colloidal gold jewelry. https://egypt.souq.com/eg-en/14k-real-gold-filled-infinity-design-with-crystal-stones-jewelry-set-3n1-caa10-5246977/i/ If [...]

Platinum Jewelries: The Exceptional Fashion Truths

The rare and ravishing designs of platinum jewelries are fairly priced based on the newest ceiling prices of  these majestic works of art. Platinum is an icy shimmer type of metal which remarkably possesses the highest amount of purity and quality. It is flawlessly suited as a backdrop for an equally famous diamond. This is the best jewelry enhancer of various gems such as pearls and other types of accessory embellishments. The best attribute of platinum is its beyond compare durability. [...]

Finest Jewelry Metals that are 100% Rust-Free

In the artistic world of jewelry craftsmanship, quality matters a lot. When we talk about this primary product characteristic, rust and corrosion must never present in the kinds of metal that you intend to use for your timeless jewelry pieces. Here are some of the finest jewelry metals which are categorically classified as rust and corrosion-resistant. Aluminum tops the list of lovely metals that is not gravely affected by oxidation in any way or medium. However, it is not exempted [...]

The Concealed Scientific Realities behind Sparkling Diamonds

The inherent beauty and uniqueness behind those sparkling diamonds makes them as phenomenal standouts in the competitive world of fashion. There are many scientific explanations why these glamorous gems gleam endlessly whether you wear them or not. First, light travels at a speed of 186,000 per second. Moreover,  these are extremely dense which makes light  to move much slower to less than half of its original speed. Similarly, light refracts in all facets and colors of a rainbow. But, the most [...]

The Mystical Wonders of Alexandrite

Alexandrite is the beauteous birthstone for those people who were born in June. This is also known as Friday stone. The original name of this splendid gem was initially discovered in Emerald mines near the Tokovaya River in the Ural Mountains of Russia on the momentous day of Prince Alexander II or otherwise known as Russia’s Day. Here’s how it was discovered unexpectedly. Miners were mining some glittering Emeralds and they took them back to the camp at the end [...]

Star Ruby: The Splendid and Glamorous Facts of Fashion

A Star Ruby is one of the rarest varieties of this  red-colored gem. It uniquely features six sharp rays just like a real star. These attributes are imaginatively gliding and shimmering across the surface of this amazing gem. This is caused by an optical phenomenon which is known as Asterism. Furthermore, its star-like characteristic occurs  when a light refracts in a single source such as as sunlight or a spotlight. https://www.gigiferrantijewelry.com/products/rosetta-star-ruby-ring.html Similarly, the astonishing star effect of a genuine Star Ruby gem is triggered [...]

Unique Facts behind the Beauty and Glamour of Gold Vermeil Jewelries

Ever since I was a teen, my greatest fetish are different kinds of ring uniquely made of diverse metals. But, gold vermeil jewelries are not some of my nice and timeless collectibles. These are more affordable alternatives of gold. To define, the said enchanting trinkets refers to gold-coated metals. There are several criteria to be successfully to be satisfied prior to your  invincible conclusion that your newest sets of trinket belong to this type of metal. The base metal must be  [...]

May 2019

The Beauty and Mystical Powers of Pi Yao Bracelet

In various online selling advertisements,  a lovely Pi Yao bracelet  caught my fancy years back. I wondered  what it is and I amazingly found out that it has been ascribed as one of the most effective Feng Shui cures for  your  financial perils in life. This is a popular symbol in Chinese Geomancy. It is the ninth son of the Heavenly Dragon and lives in the heavens.  The main figure on this enchanting accessory sits on gold coins to signify [...]

Oxidized Jewelries: Straightforward Fashion Facts You Should Know

All types of metal undergo a process which is known as oxidation. This is a natural phenomenon when metals suddenly combine with oxygen to become an oxide. As a result, an antique finish is  its remarkable byproduct. Oxidized jewelries are uniquely made by utilizing high amounts of real silver, alongside with other alloys such as copper and zinc. Sometimes, nickel is also included to magnificently produce different colors. Among these are as follows: Pink, green, yellow and white. But, the [...]

Interesting Fashion Facts about Stainless Steel Jewelries

Fashionable stainless steel jewelries are gaining unprecedented popularity due to their enormous advantages. First and foremost, their impressive tenacity and resilience are unbelievable. Second, they retain their unique shapes, after you had bent them with all your might. Their ability to withstand the wear and tear attribute make them even more practical to purchase and wear everyday and it is the main reason why a stainless steel trinkets are priceless. Photo Credit:https://www.google.com/search?q=stainless+steel+jewelry+articles&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjL642Qtb7iAhVMQd4KHfhpB_oQ_AUIDigB&biw=1000&bih=623#imgrc=1E0eaZ8gzDyYOM: The internal composition or structure of stainless steel jewelries does not change nor [...]

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