August 2019

The Stellar Truths about Metals

Metals have different types and uses which you should  know very well to enable you to choose the appropriate one according to your particular fashion preference. Always remember that each one of them  has its distinctive characteristics. Let us discuss them briefly and allow our informative blog enlighten you with all the interesting fashion facts Read on. Metals such as platinum are popular until the 20th century when it had been used for the military services. The shimmering  appearance is truly [...]

Unique Ways of How to Cherish Bequeathed Jewelries

Precious bequeathed jewelries are the most important treasures of a loved one from his or her closest relative to another to preserve beautifully a significant and timeless family tradition from one generation to another.  Most importantly, these dainty adornments act as as  impeccable symbolism to keep and safeguard a family’s finest heirlooms which can  be divided equally among his or her beloved family members. Some of its main factors and attributes were as follows: Dainty and real gems, excellent craftsmanship including [...]

July 2019

Pendant Earrings: The Fashion Hypes and Styles that Make You an A-1 Fashion Guru

Endless possibilities are within the bounds of your imaginative and creative mind when we speak of those stylish pendant earrings.  Simple shapes and sizes with extreme simplicity can be harmoniously incorporated into a  captivating pair earrings.  Loose gems provide every women the freedom to choose from cabochons, to faceted gems among others. Statement earrings are prominent during international awards night, particularly those pair of earrings with colored and gleaming gems. For instance,  yellow gowns were best complemented with a pair of [...]

June 2019

Lingering Historical Value of the World’s Oldest Jewelry

Have you ever asked yourself about a very interesting fact about the world’s oldest jewelry?  This has drastically changed the glamorous scene of modern fashion after its powerful significance and discovery has unfolded for thousands of years. To describe, this is a uniquely crafted shell jewelry with two lovely beads, which were found in Skuhl Cave in Israel. The organic beads are estimated about 100,000 years old and their sizes are closely compared to some peas. The most antiquated accessory [...]

Finest Jewelries with Laser Technology: Innovation and Fashion at the Helm

Laser technology is currently integrated in the laborious craftsmanship of finest jewelries. This is commonly used to create vibrant colors for your chosen metal to enhance its overall appearance. Lasers amplify the colors of metals such as Titanium and stainless steel. Through the years, electroplating, oxidation hot and cold color enameling were used. However, they have their own drawbacks to be resolved in time. First, eco-friendliness is not present and require consumable materials which give in to the unsatisfactory [...]

Different Types of Jewelry Clasp and their Unique Uses

Different types of jewelry clasp have to be chosen wisely in order to keep your trinkets unique, safe and versatile at the same time. Here are some of these creative and durable clasps and their respective uses to make you familiar of  how each one works to your advantage in making yourself  even more fashionable all-year round. The spring ring clasp is a metal ring mechanism with just a simple teeny lever pull back feature to make a spring [...]

The Spanish-Inspired Glamour of Tamborine Jewelries

During the Spanish era, sophisticated jewelries were used to introduce Christianity in the Philippines. Tamborine jewelries like crucifixes were used as trinkets to ward off evil spirits. These were fashionable replacements for traditional amulets and talismans. Furthermore, converted Filipinos wear confidently these stylish tamborine jewelries as adornments while strictly following the austerity restrictions as decreed by the Spanish regime. Goldsmiths saw a productive opportunity to uniquely create religious accessories. Over the years, these artistic jewelries had tremendously evolved and splendid gems were [...]

The Luxurious Beauty of a 10 Karat Gold Jewelry

A beautiful and elegant 10 karat gold jewelry is a popular material for any type of accessory. But, is it worth it to buy such a fashionable masterpiece. Let us discover its pros and cons. This kind of composition is made up of 10% gold and 14% of other metals like copper, zinc and manganese. According to expert jewellers, hardness is one of its exceptional and lasting attributes. Therefore, it is undoubtedly durable in nature. To expound, this is the [...]

Rough Gemstones: Discover and Flaunt them with Elegance

Since my sophisticated and curious fancy about jewelries had been awakened by style, creativity and fashion,  there are lots of interesting things which had allowed me to say that stylish jewelries are truly overpowering in many unique ways by adopting in its trendy design concept the so-called rough gemstones. These are uncut or unshaped gems in their natural forms and commonly found on the ground. Speaking of its appropriate shape selection is concerned, try to remember its facet form based [...]

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